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Stone Tile Supply - Discount Tiles - Flooring Tile Wall Tile

Kitchen Bathroom Shower Tiling Pool Floor


Traditionally, natural stone tile flooring and wall tiling could significantly increase overall costs of kitchen bathroom floors and walls comparing to the synthetic materials like ceramic and vinyl tiles. But it will not be a case if choosing Amlink as the source for discount floor tiles and discount wall tiles. Amlink is a leading supplier of wholesale marble granite and other stone tiles. Our wholesale program offers special discount on top of already low prices for volume buyers. Make Amlink your ultimate source for the full range of tile supplies.


Are you looking to buy marble granite and other stone flooring tiles at low prices? If so, you have come to the right place. Flooring and wall covering are important elements in home improvement, among which tile floors and wall tiling are undoubtedly the most popular choices, particularly for bath and kitchen floors, bathroom and shower walls. There are many types of materials that can be used for floor and wall tiling, such as ceramic, glass, marble and granite. In the upper scale home building or kitchen bathroom remodeling,  stone tile floors and stone tile walls have been commonly used. Marble granite flooring and stone wall tiling provide natural, durable and elegant decorative solutions, which can add real values to the property. In addition, natural stone tile floors and walls are fairly easy to clean - maintaining marble granite floor tiles is not a difficult task.


As one of leading stone suppliers, Amlink Marble offers a complete line of natural stone flooring and wall covering solutions, featuring granite wall tile floor tiles, marble wall tiles floor tile, sandstone tiles, travertine tiles, limestone tile and slate tile for bathroom, kitchen, shower and pool, available in polished, honed, tumbled and other common finishes. Our affiliated cut stone fabrication facilities in Xiamen, China, the  home to many famous granite quarries such as G603, rustic gold and misty brown, bring in large selections of famous marble granite and other natural stone blocks from all over the world to fabricate high quality floor and wall tiles in a precise way by using innovated stone processing tools and equipments. The tolerance of Amlink  tiles can be as low as +/- 0.5mm, making laying floor tiles a easier job. Xiamen City is also one of the largest stock yards for popular natural stone in the world, making it convenient to ship a full line of stone flooring from a central location.

Stone Tile Supply Discount Tiles  Flooring Tile Wall Tile Stone Tile Supply Discount Tiles  Flooring Tile Wall Tile kitchen floor tile bathroom wall tiles stone flooring travertine tiling

Stone Floor Wall Tile - Granite

Whether you are in the market for wholesale granite tiles or DIY Granite Tile, we have a solution for you. Our quality granite tile supply is suitable for kitchen, bathroom flooring & wall tiling, shower walls floors, pool floor. Finish options are honed, polished, sandblast and hammered. Tumbled granite tiles are available.

Stone Floor Wall Tile - Marble

Marble Tile is an expressive material, making it a good choice for bathroom flooring, kitchen flooring and wall covering. We carry a wide range of marble colors. Applications: kitchen tile flooring, bathroom tiling, shower tiles flooring, kitchen bathroom wall tile, decorative tiles, pool tile flooring and other stone tile floors. 

Stone Floor Wall Tile - Travertine

With porous feature even after being filled, Travertine tile supplies unique an unique flooring and wall covering material for new home construction,  kitchen bathroom remodeling. It's also an ideal decorative tiling product for pool floors, tub surround & showers. Travertine tiles come in a variety of colors, such as beige, noce, cream.

kitchen floor tile bathroom wall tiles stone flooring limestone tiling kitchen floor tile prices bathroom wall tiles stone flooring sandstone tiling kitchen floor tile bathroom wall tiles stone flooring slate tiling

Limestone Tile Supply

Limestone tile is among the natural stone tiles with simplicity in terms of color and texture, great for flooring and wall tiling. Limestone tiles have fine grains, contains very few veins. Limestone tiles fits best in the themes with a simple earth tone. Suitable applications include kitchen flooring, bathroom floor & wall tiling, paving of patio, pool and shower floors.

Sandstone Tile Supply

Sandstone tiles are characterized by fair color consistency, high durability and visibly coarse grains. Sandstone tile is ideal for outdoor decoration, such as exterior wall covering, patio floor paving and flooring of the areas with heavy traffic. Most popular sandstone tile  colors include red, pinkish red and yellow. The common finish for sandstone tiles is honed.

Slate Floor Tile Supply

Slate tile is the most cost effective solution in natural stone tile flooring & wall covering. Comparing to marble or granite tiles, slate tile has a rather rough surface even after finish. The most popular slate tile colors are rustic,  golden, grey and green. Slate tiles can be used for kitchen floors,  bathroom shower floors and walls, pool & patio paving, foyer flooring.

kitchen floor tile bathroom wall tiles stone floor design stone paving cobblestone  paver stone paving tiles granite paver

Custom Floor Tile Designs

Our professional custom floor design staff can help you make your natural stone tile floor even more attractive. Using cut stone inlayed tiles and stone chip mosaic tiles are two major ways to design custom floor with patterns. For pages, please visit our medallion and mosaic pages. Custom floor tile designs are available for entry way, bathroom, kitchen etc.

Cobblestone Paving

Cobble stone is a naturally rounded paving stone, smaller than  boulder but larger than  pebble. Being used to make pathways, pavements and for landscaping, cobbles are fireproof, need little maintenance and bears no paint. We provide the world's best Quality of Cobblestone to give your outdoor yard or garden decoration a fresh new elegant look.

Granite Paver 

Granite pavers include granite cube, granite kerbstone, granite paving tiles and granite setts stone. The natural split granite cubes, made from small irregular granite blocks, are the most cost effective paving solution. our affiliated factory owns grey, red and rustic granite quarries, we have significant pricing advantages on the these granite paving materials.


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