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Slate Tile - Slate Paving - Slate Mosaic - Slate Wall - Slate Roofing


Our affiliated manufacturing base in China has engaged in quarrying, fabricating and exporting complete lines of building slates for decades. Although Vermont slates have been most popular choices in North America,  China slates provide attractive alternatives that are comparable in variety and quality but economic in terms of costs. As one of the leading natural slate suppliers and importers, Amlink supplies the following building slate materials:

Slate mushroom   example applications are indoor wall covering, outdoor wall cladding, fireplace surrounds.

Slate and quartzite tiles  applications include slate flooring, slate roofing, slate bathroom, slate wall covering.

Slate mosaic tile patterns  serving as an cost effective alternative to marble granite mosaic tile and border.

Slate Flagstone pavers   serving as a cost effect tile alternative to granite pavers and as an upgrade feature from concrete paving; can be used to pave driveways, sidewalks and backyard walkways.

Slate culture stone  provide an unique indoor outdoor wall covering solutions; also for driveway paving.

As new additions to our slate family, we now supply slate tables, slate pool table, slate bathroom accessories and kitchen slate counters.  A full line of slate colors are available at Amlink, varying in charcoal gray, black, rustic, oyster, rosy purple, river sea light green. We provide to our customer different finish options on slate roof tile and slate floor tiles: machine cut; grind polish; honed; tumbled; calibrated; bull-nosed; slab & random crazy, or hand cut. Honed slate and tumbled slate  are among the most popular options. We maintain extensive inventories of slate slabs, slate floor tiles, slate roof tiles and other popular slate items in China so to fulfill large slate orders in a timely manner. Click on the flowing images to brow our slate products by category.

mushroom slate wall cladding

slate roofing slate roof tile

Mushroom Slate Wall Cladding

Slate Roofing Slate Roof Tile

Slate Flooring Slate Floor Tiles

slate mosaic slate flooring slate floor tiles

Slate Flooring Slate Floor Tile

 Slate Mosaic Tile Pattern

Cultured Stone Slate Wall Cladding

Slate Flagstone Slate Paver

Cultured Stone Slate Wall Cladding

Slate Flagstone Slate Paver


What is Slate?    Natural slate is a deeply metamorphosed natural stone. As a result of intensive tectonic activities in the geological history, there left abundant reserve of slate in China, with a variety of physical and chemical properties that generate different slate colors and textures. General color categories include black slate, green slate, red slate, grey slate and yellow rustic slates.  The slate has been recognized as ideal building materials in recent years as it is natural appearance, fair durability, and  cost effectiveness.








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