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Stone Mosaics Marble Mosaic Custom Roman Mosaic Designs


Mosaic has a long history of architectural applications. Mosaic ideas and ancient mosaic designs can be traced back many centuries, represented by Italian mosaic, roman mosaic and Greek mosaic crafts from the hands of famous mosaic artists. Most ancient mosaics are made in synthetic materials such as glasses or ceramics. Stone mosaics, particularly marble mosaic, has become popular in the modern mosaic designs in recent decades, making historic mosaic idea even brighter.


A set of marble or other stone mosaics in proper mosaic designs have broad applications. More and more mosaic floors, mosaic ceilings, mosaic walls and outdoor mosaic paving are seen in modern building construction projects. Partnering with leading stone mosaic makers in China, Amlink Marble designs, crafts and imports hundreds beautiful styles of the stone mosaics, including marble mosaic, granite mosaic, onyx mosaic, travertine mosaic and mixed stone mosaic, in the form of stone mosaic pattern, marble mosaic medallion, marble mosaic tiles, stone mosaic arts and stone mosaic border. All our stone mosaics are mounted on sheets and  ready for installations. Amlink Marble stone mosaics are fully customizable in dimension, chip color, chip size and chip shape. We have large production capacities for the production of stone mosaic items. Special discounts on large orders of all stone mosaic products. 


Five basic categories of stone mosaics are: stone mosaic pattern, made of chips in different shapes and sizes; stone mosaic tile, assembled with uniform chips for simple decoration; marble mosaic medallion, resembling inlayed medallion but in the form of mosaic; marble mosaic border, in stripe design for wall & floor bordering applications; and stone mosaic art. Amlink stone mosaics are assembled by the hands of well-trained craftsman, based on drawings of professional designs.    


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Stone Mosaics Marble Mosaic

Marble & Travertine Mosaic Tile Sheet

Stone mosaics tiles, including marble mosaic tile, travertine mosaic tile,  and onyx mosaic tile in specific, are the most cost effective stone mosaic tiling solution. Each stone mosaic tile sheet is made of identical stone chips, making mosaic tiles the best choice for simplicity mosaic projects.

Custom Marble Mosaic Design

Stone Mosaic Pattern

Stone mosaic patterns, including marble mosaic, travertine mosaic and onyx mosaic patterns in specific, are more decorative than simple stone mosaic tiles but less costly than marble mosaic medallions. Different chip colors, sizes and shapes are assembled into mosaic patterns.


marble mosaics stone mosaic medallion

marble mosaics stone mosaic border


Stone Mosaics Marble Mosaic

Roman Style Stone Mosaic Medallion

Stone mosaic medallions, particularly the marble mosaic medallions, travertine mosaic medallions and onyx mosaic medallion, are unique types of medallion, different from cut stone medallions by its capability of showing great details. Stone mosaic medallions are great for flooring and ceiling.

Custom Marble Mosaic Design

Stone Mosaic Border

Stone mosaic borders, particularly marble mosaic border, travertine mosaic border and onyx mosaic border,  are ideal separators for partitioning floors and walls. Marble and other stone mosaic borders have been widely used in decorating kitchen, entryway, bathroom and hallway.


stone art marble mosaic arts

Stone Arts Marble Mosaic Art

Stone mosaic arts in the form of marble mosaic, travertine mosaic and onyx mosaic, are collectible art decorative items. Natural vivid colors of various stones contribute to the beauty of those unique stone mosaic art pieces. We take time to make stone mosaic art pieces in a precise way by carefully and professionally choosing stone chips that are to be assembled into the final works. We often use thousand fine chips to do one single stone mosaic job, making the art work impressive. Marble mosaic art  can be used as imitated artistic "paint" for wall or floor. Marble mosaic art adds value to you home.

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Mosaic Art

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